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About Me

First of all, thank you very much for looking at my website. I designed it myself without no knowledge of website design. That's why it might not look so professional.

In fact, I am a math teacher from Turkey and working on becoming a certified teacher here in Ontario. I hope to finish my education by mid 2008. I love teaching and am good at it. I am dying to have a class and teach there. Anyway... I can write more about that; but I would like to describe how I got into this voip thing.

Because of some family matters, I needed to call my mom in Turkey almost everyday and paying a lot for my calls. The cheapest international rate I could find for Turkey-Istanbul was 19 cents a minute. That made me ask myself if there was a way to pay less for my calls. After some Yahoo and Google search, I met with a voip provider called Acanac. I was paying Bell $30 a month and 19 cents per minute to call Turkey. At that time, Acanac was saying that for $20 a month, you can have a phone number and you can make unlimited Canada/USA calls. Plus, rate for Turkey was just 10 cents a minute.

"Woooow" I said to myself. "That is a super dial..." They sent me their own voip adapter, which wasn't good at all, and I started to use my very first voip services. Around that time, unlocking PAP2 voip adapters was shaking the voip industry. I bought one and unlocked it. Then I started looking around to see what voip providers I can use it for.

Around the same time, Vbuzzer offered free 416 numbers and free unlimited Toronto plan. I had three 416 numbers: One from Acanac, one for my roommate and one for me from Vbuzzer. Then I canceled my Acanac account, which was a super deal for me at some point, and only used Vbuzzer. I then figure out that www.internetcalls.com can also be used with unlocked PAP2 adapters. By using www.internetcalls.com, I was able to call Turkey for 3 cents a minute with almost unlimited not only North America, but also Europe calling. I ended up having two free 416 numbers with free long distance and very cheap international rates. I was paying much less and was talking more then ever before. That was a real super deal.

In addition to that, I sent a PAP2 to my mom in Turkey, and my sister in Ottawa. I no longer pay to talk with my loved ones. I enjoy the unlimited free calls with my loved ones. I sing songs and even read books over the phone. You never do those things when you know you are billed per minute. Even if you pay 1 cent a minute or are limited to some minutes, it still counts. When you truly have unlimited calls, you share more. That's why voip changed my world and am extremely happy.

On the other hand, I should also mention that my mom in Turkey calls Turkey for much much cheaper then what Turkish phone service charges. In Turkey, you are even billed when you call the same city. That costs like 50 cents a minute. When you make long distance or international calls, they charge you more. Therefore, my mom pays just 3 cents per minute to call everywhere in Turkey. She, off course, keeps her Turkish phone number in order to receive calls from Turkish people; but she no longer uses her home phone number to call out. She uses PAP2 to call every one in Turkey.

The idea of the business

When I learned how much I can save and how an unlocked PAP2 affects one's life, I started to talk about my miracle voip adapter and the providers I use. My close relatives and friends all got interest in this. I bought and configured the devices for them. They were extremely satisfied. Then they started talking about how happy they were and referred me to their friends and relatives. I kept helping people about voip phone lines. When I realized that I was spending a lot of time helping others, I started to think "Why not turn this into a business where I can be paid some for my efforts."

That's how I started and where I am now. This business is not something that pays my rent. This business is something I will continue doing with my free time as I am still determined about teaching. For now, I enjoy voip and I get satisfaction when I make others happy with my product, support, and service. It gives me even greater satisfaction when I receive their positive feedback and the referal recommendations that they provide.

Thanks again for visiting my website. Even if you don't buy from me, I hope this website will guide you to learn something about voip and about how it will improve your communication environment notwithstanding the savings.

With my best regards,