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Contact Me

Local pick up is available both in Toronto and Ottawa
Address: Phone Numbers:
220 Oak St.  Suite 1012
10th Floor Buzz # 289
Toronto, ON     M5A 2E1

New York (USA)
Seattle (USA)
Ohio (USA)
London (U.K.) +44
: 343-883 3501
: 343-883 3501
: 343-883 3501
: 343-883 3501
: 343-883 3501
: 343-883 3501
: 343-883 3501
Contact email address:
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How to meet Me

You have 5 options to choose from:

1- You are welcome to visit one of my local pick up center in Toronto, and Ottawa. I am in Toronto. If you're here too, we can meet and talk more about voip.

2- If you have a car, you can come in front of the pick up building in your area, call or buzz from there, and we will come down to see you. In that, you donít have to worry about parking.

3- I can meet you at the southwest corner of Gerrard & Broadview. Both College/Carlton and Broadview streetcars go there. Broadview one is shorter if you take it from Broadview Subway Station.

4- In Toronto, if your home or business is in the area of between University & Pape avenues and Bloor St. & Lake Shore Blvd, I can personally deliver the item as fast as posible for an extra charge of $10.

5- I can send the PAP2 by Canada Post to anywhere you are. Click on "Shipping" tab above to calculate your shipping cost.

All above ways are OK with me. Just contact me before taking any options.