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My goal is to make my customers 100% happy. I know that if you are 100% happy, you will refer me to others. That's why it is very important for me to make you happy with your purchase.

I do trust my all adapters. They will work just fine. I always give 15-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the device, I can exchange or take it back and give you $75 or $100 full refund if it is still in working condition and includes all the parts that were given.

Even if you are not happy after 15 days, call me. I will take the device and give you "some" money back (depends on when you return it to me. Ask me for this option if you need more information).

Please feel at ease with the 15-day money back guarantee. After you buy and return it, the device will be a used one. I know if you seriously want to buy a voip adaptor and use voip services, the item you purchased from me will satisfy you. Therefore, I give the 15-day money back guaranty with confidence, because I know you wonít return it.

At this moment (November 22, 2012), none of adapters have been returned. As I mentioned, if you are a serious buyer, the adapter you buy will provide ultimate satisfaction.