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My Yahoo Group
First of all, you do not need a Yahoo email address to join my Yahoo Group. Please read "Use other email addresses for subscribing" in this page if you don't have a Yahoo email.

The purpose of
Yahoo Group is only-only-only for sharing good information and that is all. The group does not discuss a subject or your personal needs when configuring your adapter. I always advise that when you have a question or a problem, just go to a user forum and ask it there. Please don't look for help from the group. That is not what the group is for. Therefore, it is very much likely that when you receive an email from the group, it won't be a junkmail, but good news. You will probably benefit from the news.

I personally follow up voip industry very closely. When I get a good news, learn about a good offer, or find out a new trick about PAP2 adapters, I post it there. So, do other members of the group.
Feel free to subscribe my Yahoo Group by a click here.
Use other email addresses for subscribing
Note: Skip this part if you already have a Yahoo email.

To be a member of the group, it is better you have a Yahoo email address, which will allow you to use all the group's features. If you don't have a Yahoo email address, you can still be a member; but won't be able to use following Yahoo Group features:

Message management       : Easily control the frequency of email messages you receive.
Membership management : Easily join or leave groups, all in one place.
And more                          : Get access to message archives, photos, files, calendars, polls and more.

Therefore, to get full access to the web features of the group, use a Yahoo email address. If you still wish to only subscribe to the email list of the group, and use an email address other than from Yahoo, here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Send a blank email to:
2- You will receive a subscription confirmation message after a few minutes. Please be patient.
3- Reply to this message after receiving it and your subscription will be completed.
4- When your subscription is completed, you will receive a welcome email with instruction.