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Unlocking Servise

Attention: I do not unlock PAP2 v2.0. Please look at the model of your adapter. If you see just PAP2 something, that is OK. If you see PAP2 something and v2.0, that is the device I don't unlock.

The price for unlocking service is $25. This price is final. You wonít be paying more. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes. You can drop the PAP2 and pick it up later or you can be my visitor for about half an hour.

Not every PAP2 is unlockable. I can not unlock your PAP2, unless it is brand new, has never been used before, or has never been connected to internet. If your PAP2 is used or has been connected to internet, simply, I can not unlock that.

For unlocking, I donít need any extras such as ethernet cable, power adapter, or the stand of your PAP2. You just need to bring your adapter itself. Thatís all.

I donít take the payment up front. You will give me the fee after I successfully unlock it. I do this because
there is no guaranty that I can give you for unlocking; but up to now, I have unlocked all PAP2s that I received. Therefore, it is very much likely that I will unlock your PAP2 too.